Unconscious Communication Signals For Swingers

UCS Female Recognition for Male Swings.

Whether a man is single or part of a swinger couple, he should recognize the female UCS in swinger lifestyle encounters with single women or swinger couples.

One very important consideration to keep in mind early on is that we must be vigilant about UCS “groups.” Isolated UCS occurrences do not necessarily have any meaning in and of themselves. So the rule here is to patiently observe the signals and only give importance to them when they are transmitted as part of a behavior pattern. Watching out for these UCS groups is probably the most important observation to make during the early stages of a first-time swinger date or when making new contacts at a swinger party, etc.

Eye contact

The UCS that everyone is familiar with is eye contact. The constant lack of eye contact is strong evidence that a woman is not interested in a man, but it would be unusual for any woman to maintain eye contact throughout the conversation, so remember to ignore isolated incidents in any way. Probably the most conclusive indication that a woman is not interested in a man is when she refuses to return eye contact every time he looks into her eyes. When this continues to happen, it is almost certainly time to end the meeting.

On the other hand, the more eye contact a woman makes and the longer the contact lasts, the more certain it is that swinging with her is a real possibility. Another strong clue is when you look away with the blink of an eyelash. Perhaps the last sign of eye contact is dilated pupils. If they are dilated, she is likely very interested and already aroused by the prospect of having sex. Remember that all of these eye contact cues apply in situations where the woman is part of a swinger couple, as well as when meeting single women on her own.

The UCS of lips and mouth gestures

A woman’s lips and mouth are used to send UCS to indicate sexual intention and desire. A man should be on the lookout for signs such as lip licking and tongue movements. But once again, it is a set of signals and not an isolated incident which means that the meeting has reached an appropriate time to try to move on to the next stage.

Moving the hair – another UCS

Women move their hair as another example from UCS. Here again, care must be taken when looking at the sign. A single film can be the consequence of an itch. What counts is the repetitive movement. When this occurs in a swinger lifestyle situation, it is almost always an overtly flirtatious gesture and a very strong indication of sexual attraction.

Maneuvering shoes and feet

Men should be attentive to hanging and maneuvering shoes. This is another female and powerful SCP. During any type of swinging lifestyle encounter, women using this maneuver are signaling to the man that they are comfortable with him. But they are also likely to indicate more than this. Sometimes the maneuver itself goes further as well, resulting in partial or even complete removal of a shoe. When this is the case, you are probably indicating your desire to undress for the man. When this occurs on a date or swingers party, the man on the receiving end of the signal must respond quickly by moving directly to the physical contact stage.

Stroking objects

A common female UCS as feelings of sexual attraction increase is the use of useful objects, such as wine glasses, to convey desire. The sensual caresses of the stem of the glass are probably the most common example at parties, dinners or other gatherings where drinks are part of the event. However, all sorts of other useful items can be used in this way, so it’s always worth keeping an eye out for this sign.

UCS male

Generally, men give less unconscious communication signals than women, although some SCPs are common to both sexes. Eye contact is probably the most evenly shared. When a man makes direct and prolonged eye contact with a woman, he is likely indicating his attraction to her. In swinger lifestyle situations, such as on a date or when socializing at a sex party, a man who continually avoids eye contact is likely to feel uncomfortable or nervous. Unfortunately, men who do not address this issue are unlikely to be considered good swing partners by women or swinger couples.

The posture of a man

Men can indicate their true feelings towards women by their posture. Taking an open posture with your shoulders back and your head held up is likely to indicate self-interest and confidence. Posture also suggests dominance and strength and these are the masculine qualities that most women in the swinger scene find most attractive.

Another aspect of the male posture is its direction. A man who is sitting with his upper body pointing towards the woman sends a signal of being attracted to her. On the contrary, the man who constantly turns away or points his upper body, legs or face in the opposite direction from the woman, is sending a signal of disinterest or discomfort. Even if you are interested and just feel uncomfortable, the conclusion to be drawn is that it would not be much fun as a swinger playmate.

Male grooming

The hair movement described above is an example of female grooming. But males also groom themselves. Any type of “appearance enhancement” maneuver counts as grooming. For example, a man on a swinger date for the first time may spend time fiddling with his tie or removing non-existent specks from his jacket. These are male UCS that indicate attraction to women.

Swingers need balance

Couples and singles who are new to the swinger lifestyle should understand that UCS is an important aspect of human sexual and social interaction. Without being aware of this, it is surprisingly easy to walk away from even the best swinger parties without having enjoyed their fruits. On the other hand, swingers must be careful not to jump the gun by reading too much in an isolated UCS. A swinger needs to find the balance between these two extremes. The way to achieve this balance is to look for repeating UCS groups or patterns and observe them in combination with good listening.

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