Study for 1Z0-062: Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration

The 1Z0-062 exam fulfills the certification pathway administration requirement that will result in becoming a Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate. In addition to passing this exam, you must also take and pass an exam that meets the SQL requirement of the administration pathway. 1Z0-062 is one of the most common exams taken by candidates seeking Oracle certification. Professionals with the ability to manage an Oracle database are always in demand. Passing this exam does not guarantee that a person will be a good database administrator and certainly does not guarantee that they will find immediate employment as a DBA. However, it can act as a stepping stone towards both goals. However, obtaining this certification is not the same as passing the exam. Oracle University has never created certification exams that are easy to use, and recently they seem to be working to make them even more challenging. These exams are easy to fail when candidates are not fully prepared. This article is intended to provide some basic steps to prepare.

All topics that the 1Z0-062 exam will cover are listed on the Oracle Education website. Visiting that website to see the topics should be one of the first steps you should take. A trained Oracle database administrator must be aware of thousands of bits of information about the Oracle database. However, passing the test requires knowing the topics listed on the website. Oracle University topic lists are always final when it comes to the questions that will appear on the exam. The installation and administration exam has eighty-five topics in thirty subject areas. The test itself will have ninety-five multiple-choice or multiple-choice questions and will take 150 minutes to complete. The passing score is sixty-seven percent. For multiple-choice questions, you will not receive partial credit. Any question that is not answered will count against your score as much as answering one incorrectly. You should not leave any questions unanswered on the exam, even if the answer is simply one that you choose at random.

The number of topics in 1Z0-062 is quite large compared to other Oracle certification tests. In addition, the installation and administration test covers an extremely wide range of subject areas. Most Oracle certification tests have a fairly limited set of topics that they focus on. The number of topics jumped significantly between exams 11g and 12c, as well as the total number of questions asked on the exam. There is no question that this test is more difficult than the equivalent that was created for the 11g DBA OCA certification. You must take sufficient time to prepare for this exam if you want to pass on the first try.

Oracle manuals are an excellent source for learning more about the database. They are available for free on the Oracle website in HTML and PDF format. If you are new to Oracle, I recommend that you read the Oracle Database Concepts manual cover to cover. The concepts manual in particular does a good job of introducing the various concepts that an Oracle database administrator must understand. The 2-day DBA is another book available from Oracle that can boost your preparation for this test. It covers a significant percentage of the topics covered by the exam. There are also several interactive tutorials in the Oracle Learning Library that can be helpful in your study process.

The OCA level exams are designed to cover a wide range of topics with little depth. The exam will not require candidates to have extensive knowledge of a single objective. However, the large number of subjects on this exam means that there is a lot to learn. Your goal for this exam should be to obtain a reasonable amount of information on each of the listed topics rather than to become an expert on just one of them. Be sure to get the list of goals on the Oracle Education website and use them as a checklist as you prepare. Make sure you are comfortable with all of them before scheduling the exam. Good luck in the exam.

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