Romantic and Creative Foreplay Ideas – 3 Ideas You Can Use Tonight to Make Sex Exciting Again

If that “spark” has left your sex life and you are looking for something extra to put it back on, then your search is over. In this article, I’m going to share with you some of my creative, romantic, and safe foreplay ideas to get you and your partner out of the rut and into enjoying sex again.

Idea No. 1: red gold

Roses are fantastic. Not only do we all have a pretty strong sex association when we think of red roses, you can also use them in powerful and creative ways in the bedroom.

One of my favorite things is to go to my local florist and pick up some rose petals and a couple of red roses. Remove the blankets from your bed and spread the petals on the bed. It’s quick and easy and you just created a spectacular backdrop for a night of sensual love. ‘ Throw in some soft music and some nice incense, plus a bottle of wine, and you’ve just created the perfect setting for a night of blazing, blazing passion.

If you’re feeling more creative, you can even use the petals to write a message. For bonus points, you can write words with petals of one color and use petals of different colors as a “backdrop.” Personally, I find that doing this hardly makes me want to screw it up, but if I ever (God forbid) wanted to propose, this would probably be the way I’d do it.

Idea # 2: Fruity

Sex, and especially foreplay, requires a fairly active sense of touch to fully appreciate the benefits it offers. To get you and your partner’s touch receptors working again, why not try playing a game? One of you closes your eyes (or wears a blindfold), while the other uses various accessories to reawaken that latent sense of touch. You can try running fruits like berries or slices of various fruits up and down your lover’s body, eventually into their mouth, where they can savor the flavor. For an added effect, try licking up any juices left behind and toggling between using the fruit and your finger or genitals.

Idea No. 3: corny

Another great game to play with a blindfold, this requires you to have a few accessories on hand that you can use for stimulation. Feather, finger and tongue tickles are always a sure hit, while other couples might like to experiment with vibrators, candle wax, paddles, whips, ice cubes, whatever gets their blood racing. . This is particularly good when you use the opposite stimulation in quick succession or together, for example by running an ice cube along your partner’s nipples and then running your warm tongue over the cold area to warm it up.

If you use these tips tonight, I guarantee that you will soon have more passion and excitement in your sex life, and in your relationship, than you ever thought possible.

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