Road trip from Dubai to Musandam Peninsula

The road trip from Dubai to the Musandam Peninsula would be one of the most memorable trips out of the most amazing trips you have ever had in your entire life. Dubai winter and the cooler weather and amazing lights of the United Arab Emirates and the Arabian Peninsula will drive you crazy and make your trip more memorable. So stop thinking, get rid of your difficult routes and get ready to start your journey towards the Musandam Peninsula.

Book this trip like UAE (United Arab Emirates) locals who enjoy weekends and drive down the road and go towards Oman. Enjoy a road trip from Dubai to Musandam Peninsula through most of the spectacular driving routes in the Middle East, which is also considered one of the favorite road trips in the United Arab Emirates.


Dubai is more than just a sun destination that includes sand and shopping for those who are sick of swimming in the sun. It is true that all of the United Arab Emirates is an amazing country and neighboring Oman to enjoy natural beauty and amazing scenes.

Fake news aside, Dubai is not a country but a city and a city-state or city-emirate actually. It’s also true that some parts of Dubai are boring, with lots of flat, miserable sand, but there are also some areas that are truly amazing, covered with waves of peach and apricot colored sand dunes, and towering Rocky Mountains with watchtowers towering over them. collapse and beautiful oases of date palms. And the most surprising thing about this is neighboring Oman.

The most amazing thing is that in just three hours you can have one of the most wonderful trips in the Arabian Gulf to the Khasab Musandam Peninsula, which is an exclave of Oman within the United Arab Emirates. Here you can spend a weekend enjoying a fjord cruise sitting in the wooden dhows, snorkeling and swimming with dolphins and you can enjoy some of the stunning views of the region.


As you travel towards the Musandam Peninsula, your first stop would be Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. As long as you avoid Dubai rush hour, when Dubai and Sharjah roads look like the worst traffic jam in the country, you had better stop here for a while and enjoy some of the beauties.

Sharjah looks like a picturesque lake with bustling dhow docks and amazing shops and it would be wonderful if you stayed and looked around here. It is recommended to follow the Corniche Road towards the dhow docks where you can park.

Take a short loop to the Arts Precinct and the Heritage Precinct, both dotted with restored old courtyard houses



After enjoying a short stay in Sharjah, now head towards the Musandam Peninsula following the Corniche Road. As you cross the Corniche you will have the chance to see neighboring Ajman and Arabian Gulf Street along the way. Although it is home to one of the most amazing beaches and beautiful promenades in the United Arab Emirates, there are still plenty of scenes or places to see in this laid-back city. There are plenty of soft white sands and plenty of picnic spots lined with date palms that you’ll come across along the way.

For a successful trip to the Musandam Peninsula, follow the signs for the emirates of Um Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah. Um Al Quwain is famous for those visitors who are bird lovers and come here for the abundance of birds in Khor Beidah.

Now follow the signs for Ras Al Khaimah to continue your road trip from Dubai to Musandam. Ras Al Khaimah has become one of the most interesting tourist destinations in recent years. In the center of Ras Al Khaimah, you will have the opportunity to discover a dilapidated old town that is dotted with simple tailor shops and a colorful little market.

You will have a short drive passing through the small communities of Rams, Ghalilah and Ash Asham to the border.


If you drove directly from Dubai to Musandam, you will reach the border in about two hours, but sometimes it also depends on the traffic. If you had stops along the way, this road trip can take three to four hours to get to the border.

Passing through the Musandam Peninsula border, it is up to the immigration office staff how long it will take, the offices may be closed for lunch or tea. But if it is open and you have your passports with some currency then you have a chance to get out of the UAE and into Oman in a couple of minutes. To speed up the process, you can get an Oman e-Visa in advance to get rid of all the stress.

As you cross the Musandam border, your road trip will become more exciting and amazing with many natural scenes and beauties.

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