How to write sensual and seductive poetry for your lover

Making an erotic poem is about creating a dynamic image in the mind of the reader. To create or recreate a sensual moment. That is the art of erotic poetry.

Keep a small notebook handy and jot down a few key words and observations over the next few weeks. I guarantee that this will help you personalize any poem you write in the future.

Now read the poem below to get into the zone.

a beautiful lust

The coals throwing peach to pink,

Your satin cream lace against my skin,

We shine, kiss and breathe in sync…

flip flops,

Explore inside!

Your neck is offered in banquet,

I kiss… and bring my head close to my chest,

Through the satin, the meat is savored…

while the fingers

Undress slowly.

You hold me tight in your fist

I gasp and sigh a hollow moan,

Consumed within a deep red mist…

Passion devours us.

Until sunrise.

When dawn breaks, we wake up and kiss,

The embers are now grayish dust,

My memory of all this…

a blurry dream,

An enchanting lust.

This was written for a very feminine French lady who loves lingerie. Her textures and sensations turn her on long before we meet. She gets into character, like an actress, and relives previous dates as she bathes and pampers herself. Making love for her is a romantic evening sitting by a fireplace. The seduction lasts from dinner until dawn. The foreplay begins with a cheeky text during the day, a kiss on the cheek when we meet, a whisper at the dinner table that “it looks edible.” She feels like the only woman in the room.

How do I know all these details? Because I listen. I show interest and explore their most intimate world. The gain from this is double, it provides me with great material for my poetry and seduces her with my attention.

Let’s explore the poem a bit more.

Embers turning from peach to pink, Your cream lace satin against my skin, We glow, kiss and breathe in sync… Tongues dance, Explore within!

By now you know that he loves to kiss passionately, French, naturally. She loves feeling like a delicate flower in my arms and she loves having some control over the pace of our game. If things go too fast, she lets me know. When she tilts her head and brushes her hair to one side of hers, I see it as a sign that she wants me to kiss her neck and take things further away from her. This is captured in the first 2 lines below, also notice that I increased the sensual content by adding the powerful 3rd line.

.Your neck is offered for a feast, I kiss it… and I bring my head close to the chest, Through the satin, the meat is tasted… while the fingers, Slowly undress.

This is the dramatic climax of the verse. oxytocin runs through her body while I move her nipples. A beautiful distraction from what my hands are doing.

Can you feel the softness through the words of the poem? Can you see how each word paints a picture and how each word builds a more complete canvas? She reads this and melts, sees how much I’ve noticed her, her likes and loves, the essence of her. As she reads each word, sensations flow through her. If you are sitting with your lover while she reads or you read a poem to her, she watches her reactions. Look for telltale signs in her body language, whether she turns a beautiful pink, sighs the smallest of sighs, shifts in her seat, or brazenly grabs her arm in response. She is rewarding you.

Poetry has been used to seduce since the beginning of time and can be used to create a future scenario that you would love to share with your lover. Create a fabulous fantasy and furnish with its inner and outer worlds. In your mind’s eye, make it real.

It wouldn’t be unusual for her to feel physically excited when your words wash over her. Her inner world is drenched in her words and she recreates them on her mental movie screen. Her body feels every touch, every caress, the textures smooth over her skin, she is there in the moment!

Don’t be surprised. Nah, get ready! She can love you there and then. Please note that the language I use is not crude or vulgar. Match your words with your values ​​and standards. If you get this wrong, you could end up in deep water. Men often escalate sexually, too quickly. For a woman, this can be frightening, she feels a danger and she can withdraw completely.

Always remember that you are walking very close to an edge. You know the risks and rewards involved. Your partner may enjoy strong language while in the throes of passion, but on paper you may need to roll this up and simply hint at a previously shared experience through the use of keywords. For example: her lover may love it when she takes it. from behind and call her ‘your dirty little slut’, on paper this guilty pleasure can be conveyed by writing: ‘from behind you are captivated by my words! Don’t be afraid to use everyday words to express sensuality. Context is everything, even the simplest words can create powerful images.

Now let’s look at the third verse. In the previous verses all the attention was on arousing her. I accept that women take longer to become fully aroused than men, so I make sure the poem reflects this. Only when she is fully aroused do I present her physical attention to me. Presented simply in two lines, I expose what she does to me and how I react. Notice how the first half of the verse is purely physical and then becomes purely emotional.

You squeeze me tight in your fist, I gasp and sigh a hollow moan, Consumed within a deep red mist… Passion devours us. Until sunrise.

It is important to be aware of all the senses, try to include them within the poem at least once. Notice how I touch the sounds and taste, you can almost smell the logs in the fire. Think of the senses, think of the sensual. If you know your lover well, you will recognize which of her senses are primary.

For more information on this, check out the NLP and Rep systems.

The language of love is about rapport and comfort. Comfort is a given within a relationship, but it should not be taken for granted, know your limits and take your words to the edge of these limits in a playful way. Encouraging her to explore them in the written word, in a setting where she feels safe with you, may encourage her to consider further exploration in the future.

Notice how much I have left to your imagination. I establish that we are overcome by passion. The word passion immediately anchors her to our shared experience. I don’t need to spell it.

However, this may not be the case in your relationship. As I pointed out before, you are showing her that she has been seen. If you enjoy graphic details, include them, hint at them, make them a feature, and place them among more subtle expressions.

And finally the last verse. See how I reflect some of the words of the first verse, the embers now spent, kissing is now something completely different in context. The burning passion of the night, silently hinted.

When dawn breaks, we wake up and kiss, The embers are now grayish dust, My memory of all this… A hazy dream, A beautiful lust.

The circle of experience is now complete. The poem takes you on a journey, sets the mood, reaches its climax, and then gently ends. By turning each line, each verse into a beautiful and intimate mosaic of images, you let her know that you notice her.

Remember, the devil is in the details.

The above poem ‘A lovely Lust’ was taken from the book Juicy Poetry by Kevin Webster.

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