How to survive and generate more points in Moomooio is another online game that is growing in popularity. In this survival style game you have to survive against other players, chickens and cows to make it stand out. In order to survive, you will need to collect crafting items and other resources; The more you collect, the more items you can unlock, including varieties of food, weapons, traps, and wall upgrades. However, building bases where you can survive is the main way of survival in this game. But then how can you spawn all the important points to create the kind of base that will withstand attacks from enemies and monsters?

Team up. Teaming up with other players will make it easier for you to quickly build survival settlements. With the combined efforts of other characters, you will keep yourself safe for a considerable period of time. However, you have to be careful because there is always a risk of getting killed to keep the areas set for them.

build a windmill. There are so many resources in moomooio to build strong settlements. A windmill is one of the best when it comes to generating points. The most important thing when playing the game is to make sure you have a strategic place to run and hide so you can also defend your fort. Keep windmills protected by using forts.

Go to pooled resources. Resources that tend to be all together are good for your game. The fact that they are very close to each other means that fortifying the area is easy and also increases your chances of growing your base faster. It’s much better to collect them together rather than collecting them one at a time. Explore until you find the perfect site to establish your village.

Learn about the resources available to you. In this game, the main materials that you should try to collect are stone, food, and wood. Of course, they will be around stony areas, berry bushes, and trees that are close to where you are. Gold is another resource, but it may not be as valuable as the others. Aim to collect as many resources as you can and continue building your settlement with survival in mind. The more items you have to build, the easier it is to keep other players away while you harvest other goods.

Choose the right weapons. The weapons you select should depend on whether you are offensive or defensive. For example, a shield might be a better weapon when you’re on the defensive, while a bow would be great for offense. You just need to know exactly where you will apply your weapons to choose what will work in your favor.

Be careful with booster pads. They can be cool, but when used in tight areas, there is a risk of enemies shooting at you and thus trapping you until you quit. You may make some mistakes while playing the game, but at least you will start to get familiar with the game and develop tactics that work for you.

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