How to cure pubic lice

To cure pubic lice for good you have to get serious.

Indulging yourself is easy, but not enough. Since pubic lice infestation is considered a sexually transmitted disease, you need to treat your partner as well or you will get it back right away. A person could have pubic lice and not even know it, so don’t call your partner a liar if they insist they are clean. If you have it, your partner has it, end of story. If your partner does not consent to the treatment, it is not worth indulging. And it is better if both are treated at the same time. If you receive treatment, but then have a single encounter with an infected person, you should be treated again.

And, since we are talking about exposure to STDs, if you have acquired pubic lice, you may have acquired a second STD and should be examined by a health professional, since STDs, like people, occur in couples

As for treatment, here are 3 options: chemical treatment, shaving, and heat killing.

Chemical treatment is probably the most popular. The same chemicals that treat head lice treat pubic lice. You don’t need to see a doctor for this, although, like I said, it’s a good idea to get checked for other STDs. You can buy over-the-counter lice treatments, such as Nix or Rid, or generic equivalents. Of course, you should treat the pubic area, not the head. Since lice live around the hair, it is necessary to treat hairy areas, including the pubic area, the inner thighs, and the back towards the buttocks. The hairier you are, the larger the area you will have to treat. It is very important to leave the product on whenever the package indicates it. Chemicals do not kill on immediate contact.

Shaving is another option that you can use alone or in combination with a chemical treatment. Shave all pubic hair, hair adjacent to the thigh and back towards the buttocks. You will probably have to repeat this every few days for a week or two to make sure the lice are not lost.

For patients who are not interested in shaving or concerned about the use of chemicals, a third option is heat treatment. The Lousebuster was developed for the treatment of lice, but it could also be used on other areas of the body. Just make sure you don’t get burned by this hot air device. The hot air dries out the lice and eggs and eventually kills them by dehydration. Again, a single treatment may not be effective.

In addition to the above measures, you will want to wash all bedding, towels, and clothing in hot water. Avoid sharing these items with other people, especially children.

So how do you know if you are cured?

To begin with, how did you diagnose yourself in the first place? It probably bit him in the genital area, then he found small crab-shaped critters in the pubic or groin area. Or maybe you saw little black dots in your groin area that seemed to move.

To answer the question, when you’ve been treated well, washed bedding, towels, and clothing, and had no symptoms or seen head lice for at least two weeks afterward, you can be considered cured.

Again, make sure your partner does the same, and give him this article to read.

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