Example of Dark Poeta and how to kill all 15 bosses

Aion Dark Poet is an instance that you can enter at level 50 and to enter you need to have 5 or 20, depending on where you enter, Blue Balaur Scales on you and a Rift Essence. If you have those items in your bag, you can exchange them for a Time Trigger Stone, which will give you permission to enter Dark Poet.

In Dark Poeta you will find 15 bosses. All of these bosses have their own specialties and each one needs a different approach if you want to kill them. Let’s go over the basics you need to know about each boss in Dark Poet.

1: Spirit Master Atmach

This is the first boss in Dark Poeta and one of the easiest to kill. The most terrifying ability the Spiritmaster Atmach does is an ability called “Reflection” and “Endless Power”. As long as this buff is on the boss, don’t attack it. If you do, you will most likely die. This buff can be removed by a Spiritmaster.

Another dangerous move is “Mighty Petrification”. This will petrify a random team member, rendering them useless for a few seconds. But this disadvantage can be removed by a cleric.

The Spiritmaster Atmach bonus monster will appear when low on health, you can ignore it. It will disappear once the boss is dead.

2, 3, 4: Marabata of Power, Marabata of Poison, and Marabata of Magic

All Marabata bosses are the same and must be killed in the same way. So if you know how to kill 1 of them, you know how to kill them all.

The trick with Marabata bosses is the boosters / controllers (hereinafter called boosters) that surround them. Each of the boosters does something else and each of them has to be killed by a certain class.

When you move your mouse over a booster, it will tell you how it can be killed. For example, the defense boost can only be attacked by a melee class with close range attacks. If a ranged class attacks him from a distance, the damage he deals will be reflected back to him.

Of the 3 power-ups, the Attack Boost is the most dangerous. Kill this one ASAP. The defense boost will give the Marabata a shield around his, rendering physical attacks useless while the shield is on him. DoT (damage over time) will continue to damage the Marabata through its shield. The third reinforcement, the Marabata property controller, will call monsters within an area to the Marabata, so be sure to clear the area before continuing to kill bosses. If you read the description of the boosters, you’ll be fine. Boosters appear from time to time and need to be killed as soon as possible.

5, 6: Noah’s Raging Shadow and Spectral Elder Elim (The Tree Heads)

These 2 bosses are very dangerous and if you don’t know what you are doing you will definitely delete your group here.

The first problem with Tree Bosses is that you need to find them. Not only can they be in a hidden state, but they also patrol a certain area, so unlike most other bosses, they are not always in the same place.

Once you’ve found them, you need to drag them into an open area, where you can run away from their great AoE (Area of ​​Effect) abilities. Or you need to find an object that you can hide behind, which keeps you and your party from getting hit by the bosses’ AoE abilities.

The boss attacks with Grudge Wound often. This is a single target ability and will hit the tank 99% of the time. This ability alone will not kill anyone. But when the boss is at about 25% of his HP, he will cast an ability called “Root Entangle” and put a debuff on everyone within a certain range by making them move very slowly. Once the boss returns from his hidden state, he will use an ability called “Deep Spite Wound”. This ability alone won’t kill anyone either. But if you still have the debuff, you will most likely be killed in 1 hit. This is why you need to stay out of reach (30 meters) or hide behind an object.

7, 8, 9: Spaller Echtra, Spaller Dhatra and Spaller Rakantra (The Bug Bosses)

These 3 bosses have the same abilities and die in the same way. Before you start killing these bosses, you will have to clear an area around the “Drana Lumps”, so that you have enough space to run freely between 2 of them. This is crucial!

Once the area is clear, you will drag any of the insect bosses onto a drana lump. If the boss is not in a drana mess, he will take very little damage from people. However, DoTs do the usual damage. To do regular damage to this boss, they have to be in a drana lump and should eat it.

While the boss is eating the bundle, all physical damage will deal normal damage and all magic damage will deal roughly double the usual damage. If the boss is about to move away from the drana bundle, his buff will be depleted and he will be given a signal to move on to the second drana bundle.

When you are on the second drana bulge, be sure to stand on the outer rim of the crater that the drana bulge is in. This will ensure that the boss leaves quickly with the drana bundle. If it doesn’t work on the first try, keep moving. Keep moving the boss over the drana bundle to make sure it will eat the bundle. All 3 bosses can die in the same 2 drana bundles.

10: Telepathy Controller

The telepathy controller is another boss who is annoying to kill. This boss has a lot of AoE abilities and will stun the entire party very often. Because the boss is located in a small area, there is no way around AoE abilities. Your cleric will only have to heal everyone to the best of his ability.

When the telepathy controller is about 75% of his HP, he will spawn an elite monster. This is a non-agro monster and when left alone, it will not attack anyone. However, if someone attacks him, he must be killed.

Aside from the elite monster it spawns, spawn 2 small worms from time to time. You can ignore them and focus on the boss. The worms will explode and deal damage, but this is not a big deal as long as the cleric is paying attention.

After the telepathy controller is dead, it will do an ability twice in which it draws the party to it, dealing damage in the process. Be aware of this and have your cleric exceed everyone’s HP.

11, 12, 13: Main Power Generator, Auxiliary Power Generator and Emergency Generator

The trick with these 3 bosses is to kill 1 after another without picking up the items dropped by the boss. Because each of the bosses will spawn 4 purple balls and they will only disappear after all 3 bosses are dead.

That said, another point that needs attention is the position of the person who is being attacked by the boss. Because the boss attacks with AoE abilities, it is recommended that the person who rolls aggro stay away from the rest of the group. In this way, healing will be much easier and the possibility of cleaning much less.

At about 75% and 25% of the boss’s HP, it will generate the purple balls, and when it does, the melee characters in the party must move away from the boss so they don’t die. There are 6 different types of balls and most of them do something different:

  • Shockwave Generator Core – Direct Damage
  • Wave Generator Core – Direct Damage
  • Light Generator Core – Direct Damage
  • Summons Generator Core: Summons a monster
  • Confusion Core – Confuses a person, making them run in a random direction
  • Clumsiness Generator Core – Slows a person

Once you have killed all the generators, the floating balls will disappear and you can collect what they have dropped. The next boss only appears when all 3 generators are dead.

14: General Anuhart Brigade

Brigadier Anuhart only appears when you kill all 3 Generator Bosses. Si will appear right in front of the portal that leads to the final boss.

Brigadier General Anuhart will appear on a platform that is marked by 4 surrounding pillars. If Brigadier General Anuhart strays too far from the platform, he will reset and you will have to fight at full HP again. So make sure you never leave the platform on which it is generated.

Brigadier General Anuhart has a briefcase full of skills and it is vital that you know each one of them. For starters, at 75% if he will summon 4 additional monsters and put a protective shield on himself. As long as the shield is on, it will take very little damage. This shield can be removed by a Spiritmaster.

The next skill to watch out for is Absorb Energy. When Brigadier Anuhart does this ability, he will regain some HP. The amount of HP that Brigadier Anuhart recovers can be reduced by a Ranger’s Fleshcutter Arrow ability, or it can be totally ignored by Templar’s Aether Armor ability.

After the Absorb Energy ability, he will cast an ability called Summoning Ritual, which spawns 4 monsters every 30 seconds and each time he will put on a shield. Have your Spiritmaster remove all of his shields and you should be able to kill him without a problem.

15. Rank boss F, E, D, C, B, A, S

What makes Dark Poeta special is that it adjusts the final boss in the performance of the group throughout the race. The faster you do it and the more points you get, the stronger the final boss will be.

There are many strategies involved in killing S, A, B and C rank bosses. It is so much that will be written in a new article.

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