Call me Mr. Lucky!

I didn’t like the head coach, so I left the soccer team my senior year in high school. The following fall (1965) I enrolled at the local university in my hometown of Burlington, IA, mainly to avoid draft and the inevitable trip to Vietnam if I had been recruited. Back then, students attending college were […]

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The Most Overrated Fantasy Soccer Players of 2015

Overrated fantasy football players aren’t necessarily struggling players this season. They are players who are being drafted too high compared to their expected production versus players in the same position who are being drafted much lower. Successful fantasy football team owners are owners who recognize value in every round and select accordingly. There is no […]

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Notes from Ness (July 28)

It’s not often that a last-place team has the distinction of possessing the longest active winning streak in MLB. Going into another baseball weekend, though, the Washington Nationals (just 46-56 overall), are on a six-game winning streak in their three-game series at Dodger Stadium (10:40 ET). My free game for Friday is in the Bal […]

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