What does a supercar do?

Asking what makes a car super is like asking what makes a woman beautiful – everyone has their own opinion. The term supercar was coined to describe extremely expensive, extremely beautiful and extremely fast cars. But the proper use of this term is often subjective and controversial, especially among enthusiasts. There is no clear definition […]

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Insurance agency drip campaigns and email workflow

Let’s start with a simple definition of insurance email drip campaigns. A drip campaign is a direct marketing method used to attract leads and retain customers by taking advantage of ongoing, dynamic content-driven email marketing programs. Campaigns deliver specific and conditional content based on existing and changing preferences. Content is delivered to leads and customers […]

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5 reasons to go camping

Camping is a popular recreational activity around the world, particularly in the United States, where it has become a true tradition. This is evident from the fact that approximately 40 million people go camping each year. For something as difficult and enjoyable as camping, that’s an impressive number. As you probably know, camping trips are […]

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Minecraft (XB360)

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past few years, I’m sure you’ve heard of the smash hit title. Minecraft. Last year there was a marketing frenzy with all kinds of Minecraft toys, posters and t-shirts. Minecraft has now become a household name, similar to Pokemon Y Skylanders, to the dismay of many confused […]

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Why High Reps Are Better For Quick Weight Gain

Most bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts trying to gain weight quickly are always told that to gain muscle mass they must stick to heavy weights for low repetitions. This weight training myth is because many believe that “low rep heavy weights” are for “size” and “high reps light weights” are for “endurance.” Well, nothing could be […]

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