A new era of communication – Modern Warfare 2 Twitter!

Modern Warfare 2 Twitter is one of the highest volume search terms on Google right now and it’s easy to see why. With Robert Bowling, the community manager, who has over 90,000 Twitter followers, infinity ward with over 30,000 followers, and the trending topic #MW2 with at least 30 posts per hour, there is excitement and a real sense of of community on the newest large-scale social networking site. .

Infinity Ward has been very smart to use Twitter, one of the fastest growing internet sites in the world, by using Twitter they can instantly connect with their target audience and get feedback on marketing ideas and tools. Robert Bowling, the community manager, is constantly asking fans questions to help them in the development of the game, what would you like in a strategy guide? Which type of driver is better concave or convex? From these questions, he gets immediate feedback from a variety of fans around the world.

The game developer also uses it to keep players updated with the latest happenings in the lead up to the games launch on November 11. They posted a video of the prestige edition launch that included night vision goggles, and almost immediately people were watching the video and discussing how much it would cost and where to pre-order the special edition. Twitter-generated hype on the prestige edition has meant it sold out in the UK on HMV’s website (the only place it was available for pre-order).

It looks like in the coming months, widely respected game developers will be using the social networking site to engage with fans, host competitions, and get a sense of what gamers want from the game. I think we could see a massive increase in the search term Modern Warfare 2 on Twitter in the coming months as the game’s release date approaches.

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