72 secret arts of the monks of the Shaolin monastery

The 72 Secret Arts of Shaolin are methods of preparing the body and mind for action in extreme conditions (first of all, in real-life hand-to-hand combat conditions). If you train only melee techniques and don’t pay attention to special training, you will never achieve the highest mastery and your movements will lack real strength. “The fists are like flowers, and the legs are like embroidery needles,” the old masters laugh at such “techniques.” The 72 Arts of Shaolin are the basis for the highest mastery in all styles of Kung Fu.

“Seventy-two precious arts are kept in a brocade bag, kept as a great treasure. Eighteen of them are the essence of the famous treatises on pugilistic arts. Other eighteen arts describe in detail training methods with the use of special tools and training equipment.Wonderful methods to achieve chi-breath flexibility, exercises to obtain hardness and lightness, tightening methods are written with the blood of monks in books that are kept like a treasure in the brocade bag.One you can rarely find those who really want to exercise zealously: to become a true hero, one must often feel the bitter taste of hard work.” /Secret treatises of Shaolin on the pugilistic art/

Seventy-two types of Shaolin Arts represent an example of the personal experience of the monks of the Shaolin Monastery in the Songshan Mountains. This experience was gained through hard exercises in combat arts for many ages. The best examples of those seventy-two arts are such effective methods as qi gong (chi kung), chi breathing exercises, exercises to obtain ying gong hardness and qing gong lightness, dian xue acupuncture point massage, qin tightening arts na (chin na), the art of placing dislocations and bones and others.

“In all the practices of the Seventy-two Arts, the basic theory is studied first and only then are the exercises done. At first those who practice the arts train the softness of their sinews and bones and try to make all their joints and joints agile. Then they set the main breath ZONG LI in motion, strengthen the internal organs FU, improve the state of the blood, consolidate the strength of the body, control the cinnabar field and concentrate the energy in it, exceed your wishes and requirements a hundred joints and joints , now a fighter is Commanding unlimited power and can move a thousand jins. Your arm that weighs only ten jins can move a thing that weighs ten thousand jins with one blow. Your arms are a head, your legs are a tail. Everything is imbued with a single movement, the body moves like a dragon The masters said: “Shaolin exercises develop forces of the entire human organism, all joints and bones; you are able to strike with all parts of your body” . There is one more saying: “The fist is the source of all arts and the leg is the base, the root of the fist.” Ordinary boxing practice consists of seventy percent leg training and thirty percent fist training. If you acquire pugilism, you can use eighteen types of weapons. If you resort to all the tricks of pugilism, you can fight against ten thousand fighters.” /Shaolin secret treatises on the art of pugilism/

72 secret arts of the monks of the Shaolin monastery:

1. “Diamond Finger” method (Yi Zhi Jingang Fa).

2. Exercise “Twin Lock” (Shuang Suo Gong).

3. Exercise “Knocking with the foot” (Zu She Gong).

4. Exercise “Pull out a nail” (Bo Ding Gong).

5. Exercise “Ring around a tree” (Bao Shu Gong)

6. Four part exercise (Si Duan Gong).

7. Exercise “Meditation with one finger of Chan” (Yi Zhi Chan Gong).

8. Exercise “Iron Head” (Tie Tou Gong).

9. Exercise “Iron Shirt” (Tie Bu Shan Gong).

10. Exercise “A Series of Blows” (Pai Da Gong).

11. Exercise “Sweeping with an iron broom” (Tie Sao Zhou).

12. Exercise “Hand – a bamboo leaf” (Zhu Ye Shou Gong).

13. Jumping centipede exercise (WU GONG TIAO).

14. Lift a Weight of 1000 JINs (TIE QIAN JIN).

15. Heavenly Palm (XIAN REN ZHANG).

16. Method of Hardness and Softness (GANG ROU FA).

17. Cinnabar Palm (ZHU SHA ZHANG).

18. Lying Tiger Exercise (WO HU GONG).

19. Swimming and diving skills (QIU SHUI SHU).

20. Sluice shutter weighing 1000 JIN (QIAN JIN ZHA).

21. Coverage with Golden Bell (JIN ZHONG ZHAO).

22. Finger lock exercise (SUO ZHI GONG).

23. Luohan exercise (LUOHAN GONG).

24. The lizard climbs the wall (BIHU YU QIANG SHU).

25. The art of the whip (BIAN JIN FA).

26. Exercise “PIPA” (PIPA GONG).

27. “The pole of a shooting star” (LIU XING ZHUANG).

28. “Plum Bloom Poles” (MEI HUA ZHUANG).

29. The Art of the Stone Padlock (SHI SUO GONG).

30. “Iron Arm Skill” (TIE BI GONG).

31. “Fist like a bullet” (DANZI QUAN).

32. Exercise “Soft Bones” (ROU GU GONG).

33. Exercise “Frog” (HAMA GONG).

34. Exercise “Piercing the Curtain” (CHUAN LIAN GONG).

35. The Force of the Eagle’s Claws (YING ZHAO LI).

36. “Iron Bull” technique (TIE NIU GONG).

37. Eagle Wings Skill (YING YI GONG).

38. Sun Rays Arm (YANG GUANG SHOU).

39. Exercise for the groin (MEN DAN GONG).

40. Exercise “Iron bag” (TIE DAI GONG).

41. Method that Reveals the Truth (JIE DI GONG).

42. Turtle Back Skill (GUI BEI GONG).

43. Right Jumping Skill (CUAN ZONG SHU).

44. Light Body Skill (JIN SHEN SHU).

45. Exercise “Iron Knees” (TIE XI GONG).

46. ​​Jumping Technique (TIAO YAO FA).

47. Iron Sand Palm (TIE SHA ZHANG).

48. Pulling a Silk Thread (YI XIAN CHUAN).

49. Method of drawing in YIN (XI YIN GONG).

50. “Rubbing and Pushing” Technique (MO CHA SHU).

51. Exercise “Heap of stones” (SHI ZHU GONG).

52. Skill “Neither spears nor swords can hurt” (QIANG DAO BU RU FA).

53. Gong Fu “Flight” (FEI XING GONG).

54. Hand of the Five Poisons (WU DU SHOU).

55. Water Parting Skill (FEN SHUI GONG).

56. Fly to the top and walk on a wall (FEI YAN ZOU).

57. Somersault Jump Skill (FAN TENG SHU).

58. Cypress Post (BAI SHU ZHUANG).

59. Elbow of Ba Wang (BA WANG ZHOU).

60. Exercise “Pinching a Flower” (NIAN HUA GONG).

61. Exercise “Pushing a mountain with the palm” (TUI SHAN ZHANG).

62. Horse Saddle Technique (MA AN GONG).

63. Nephrite Belt Skill (YU DAI GONG).

64. YIN Fist Method (YIN QUAN GONG).

65. Sandbag Skill (SHA BAO GONG).

66. Skill “Piercing Stones” (DIEN SHI GONG).

67. Skill “Pull out a mountain” (BO SHAN GONG).

68. Mantis Claws (TANGLANG ZHAO).

69. Skill “Bag” (BU DAI GONG).

70. Guan Yin Palm (GUAN YIN ZHANG).

71. Skill “Lifting a Pot” (SHANG GUAN GONG).

72. Rubbing the palms (HE PAN ZHANG).

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