The leverage triangle

The three elements

Have you already heard me talk about the leverage triangle?

As entrepreneurs and pursuers of our dreams and passions, we all have 3 elements to work with when starting a business: Time, experience and money.

Most of us have very little of each of these at the beginning of our journey, but as we grow our business or our dream of any kind, we begin to have more of each and therefore more influence.

And interestingly, successful people also learn to take advantage of other people’s time, experience, and money. And when we do that, we often help other people achieve their dreams. Our dreams are often intertwined. Sometimes we just don’t notice it.


What determines the amount of success you will have and also how quickly you will achieve it?


Your mindset will determine your success. Period. It is strength and energy that are driving all those things that you need to harness. The mindset you have is more important than the amount of time you spend building your dream, more important than your level of experience, and even more important than the amount of money you have.

If you’re not operating your passion and dream plan with a proven success mindset, you won’t be able to leverage your or anyone else’s money, experience, and time exponentially.

How to manage the leverage triangle

Now that you understand the leverage triangle and that your mindset is the powerful force that drives your ability to leverage the elements of time, money, and experience, there are some proven behaviors that will help you manage the triangle more productively. Why would you want to manage it better?

BECAUSE, managing the leverage triangle more productively will help you achieve your dreams faster.

  1. Set limits
  2. Hire a team that takes advantage of your weaknesses as soon as you can pay for them
  3. Use focus as your tool to eliminate the overwhelming
  4. Partner with experts until you become an expert yourself
  5. Package your experience as a low-supply experience

Building your dreams and your passion: what mindsets to explore

These are just a few of the mindsets that I encourage you to explore as you make your dreams come true, whatever those dreams may be:

  • Your relationship with money itself
  • Your ability to see the bigger picture and then, MOST IMPORTANTLY, step into it
  • Understand LEVERAGE and ROI and use the principles in EVERY area of ​​your life
  • Building a community to serve that you are passionate about
  • Understand that YOU are the most important resource you have AND YOU NEED a team to achieve your goals
  • Using technology enables you to create branding and expert status at the speed of light
  • Connecting to multiple and proven business models is smart
  • You must surround yourself with enterprising people
  • Must be willing to take risks and have a sense of adventure and have fun
  • Systems and automation are keys to faster success
  • You attract specific opportunities when you believe those opportunities are possible.

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