Samsung E870: simple and powerful …

The sleek and compact cover is a very lightweight phone. With a clean monochrome color casing, the phone looks very attractive. Available in different luminescent colors, including silver white and red, the Samsung E870 doesn’t need to grab your attention. Open and see the large keyboard with separate buttons. The internal 1.9-inch display accentuates the brightness and clarity of the 262k TFT color display. The external OLED display with 65536 colors and 96 x 80 resolutions lets you view incoming calls and a clock.

In mid-range camera phones, the Samsung E870 is an excellent device in terms of features. Equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash, you can take moving pictures. Share your memorable moments with friends and family via MMS and let them feel those amazing moments. In addition, the phone also comes equipped with a music player that supports all common music files, including MP3 and AAC. Play your favorite music tracks and keep rocking as you move. And with 80MB of internal memory and support for external microSD memory cards, you can store more documents and multimedia files with ease.

In addition to entertainment functions, the Samsung E870 offers business applications such as document viewer and email support. Now, you can view, send and receive documents in different file formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PoerPoint. And with TV-out, you can transfer files to a projector and view them on a TV or PC. The mobile internet feature allows you to surf the web, you can manage emails, and you can search for the latest news and information.

The tri-band phone is also equipped with EDGE, GPRS, Bluetooth and USB – connect and share documents without using a cable or via a USB port. The foldable phone weighs just 85g and has a compact dimension of 92 x 42 x 16.5mm, which slides easily into your pocket.

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