Ready to start lavishing your transportation?

You don’t have to be a custom car buff to appreciate hot cars in movies like 2Fast 2 Furious. Who wouldn’t want to be behind the wheel of a performance car, dragging that quarter mile of highway? The adreneline high is addictive.

Shows like MTV’s Pimp My Ride have enjoyed a solid fan base and it’s not surprising. Who does not enjoy seeing a car transformed into a monster that is the envy of all?

Before you rush out and get out your 1984 Chevy Chevette, you need to consider a few things first:


Your new trip will attract many looks. Unfortunately, not all of them will be the eyes you want on your car. Old-fashioned car thefts, accidents, and jealousy that lead to scratches on your paint job increase when you pimp your vehicle. Be sure to check with your insurance company and phone for rates. There’s no point in spending $ 10,000, only to find that you can’t afford to get your car out of the driveway.

Who is touching your body?

Just because they have a fancy site with pictures of various hot cars doesn’t mean they got the job done, or that you won’t have to worry about your Lambo Doors falling off within 6 months. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising for legitimate businesses. If you find that people are talking about a certain local auto body shop, it’s worth going to see them. There is a reason people talk about them.

Price is not everything. As with most things, you get what you pay for. Just because a certain custom store can get the job done for half what everyone else is doing doesn’t mean you should go there. Do they have a good reputation? How long have they been in business? How long have you been installing body kits or vertical doors?

Think before you buy

Before proceeding with that change to your car body, consider what impacts it may have on the overall performance of your vehicle. Will it affect fuel efficiency?

It’s a gas

If you are complaining about the cost of gasoline at the moment, wait until you replace the engine with a more fuel efficient model that you do not like to fill with the cheapest grade of fuel. Expect to pay a lot more for gasoline, and it won’t get any better until fuel cell technology finally becomes the norm. Consider a hybrid engine if it is available for your car. Remember, the cost of gas will keep going up, not going down.

Consider these tips before heading to your local store and having them complete an extreme makeover of your car. They will help you save money in the long run.

Now you are ready to live life a quarter mile at a time.

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