PMS! Your Ultimate Truth Serum

Last year I have been suffering from PMS. During that time of the month, I am extremely moody, irritable, and hypersensitive. I started to realize that I was a complainer a lot, super sensitive to everything that was wrong in my life, and didn’t seem to have things under control. It seemed like PMS was actually giving my inner self a voice. So instead of writing it off, I decided to listen to it and learn from it.

When I was younger, I used to think that PMS was something thirty-something women used as an excuse to be mean. Now that I’m there, I get it. PMS simply exposes a woman’s true self. You see, in the twenty-two days outside of PMS, women are protected. We put on the ‘wife suit’, ‘mommy suit’ or ‘professional suit’ and have no time to feel, so our real feelings are put aside and controlled, until the twenty-eighth day, when those feelings break all barriers and let yourself go!

PMS helps women discover who they really are. Their defenses are down and they become more expressive at that time. It’s like a truth serum. Some people say they cry for no reason, but they actually cry for whatever reason, for all the times in the last month when they felt like they couldn’t. They cry because they are overwhelmed. And they make fun of their partner, kids, or anyone else unfortunate enough to be within earshot because, let’s face it, that’s what we really want to do for the other twenty-two days, but we’re too worried about being bad parents, losing Our jobs. , or offend our partners. PMS finally gives us a way out.


So I’ve learned not to dismiss my feelings during PMS and allow myself to feel instead. It’s me. Unplugged. naked. Free and out of control, bringing up the real issues and finally working on all the crap from the last month. It’s not always easy, but it usually leads to the most honest and liberating problem-solving sessions in my relationship. And I admit it, I don’t always win. My crap is thrown back at me and gives me a reality check. It feels like I’m in rehab. But man, the truth will set you free. And for five days a month, I can be FREE. I have an excuse to finally be me! Thank you SPM!

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