James Bond and his car collection

Over the years, the James Bond movie character has driven a diverse selection of vehicles, from the iconic Aston Martin DB5 to a cello case. Many of the cars contained not only supercharged engines, but also everything from anti-chase mechanics to advanced weapon systems, here is just a small selection of the rarest and most luxurious vehicles, with a bit of information attached to show how they were involved with the Character licensed to kill.

The most famous and iconic of all the cars James Bond drove was the Aston Martin DB5. This vehicle appeared in five James Bond films, Goldfinger, Thunderball, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, and Casino Royale. The vehicle was sold in 2010 for over £ 2.5 million to a car collector, still complete with turntable and pop-up gun barrels!

Vehicles made by British luxury automaker Bentley have been immortalized in six different James Bond movies. The only device added to a Bentley in the movie series was a secret gun compartment and a car phone, certainly not rare now, but keep in mind this was in 1963!

BMWs make brief appearances in various Bond movies, notably GoldenEye, with a Z3 model featured and equipped with ‘Stinger’ missiles and a lot more undercover firepower. Tomorrow Never Dies had another BMW model, the 750iL. Again, it had quite a few extras included, like a missile launcher, and it was fully controllable via a remote control. You may even recall in ‘The World Is Not Enough’ that the BMW Z8 was tragically cut in half by a helicopter! What a waste!

Another British automaker, Lotus, made brief appearances for some of its models over the years; the Lotus Esprit S1 was the vehicle that, with the flick of a switch, transformed into a submarine in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, starring Roger Moore. The scene with the two-door coupe emerging from the sea onto a beach full of tourists will be remembered forever in film history. And who could forget the action scene with Roger Moore chasing the circus train in Octopussy, which sadly ends with the BMW being hit by a passing train, causing the car to be thrown into a river, the car is seen by last time being pulled out of the water. battered and covered in seaweed.

As you can see, James Bond certainly favored British-made cars. Sadly, not many survived after he took possession of them.

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