Inspiring success story to get back with your ex

When you want to get back together with your ex, sometimes you don’t stop to consider whether it’s the right thing to do … or not. We are so blinded by our love for that person that we don’t really consider if it is the best for us. Well, I have a success story about someone I know. And if you want to get back together with your ex, you must read this.

This is a long story, but I have condensed it to cover the basics.

My friend’s name? … Well, let’s call her Angel. She had been dating this guy for over 20 years. They even had a child together. In those 20 years, the guy was completely mean to Angel in every way, from physically to emotionally and mentally abusive. She never did anything right, she never looked the way he thought she should, and basically nothing she did was good enough. And although many would advise Angel to leave, she loved the boy and could think of being without him.

Well, her son grew up and just turned 21 she moved out of the house and Angel … they kicked her out of the house because she wasn’t hers. He didn’t want to marry her and decided it was time for someone new.

As you can imagine, this was a very difficult time for Angel. She always tried to please her man and do what she could for him only to find that nothing was good enough. And now, she was alone to try to achieve it.

Some time has passed since the breakup. At that time, Angel began to find herself again. She became more confident and self-assured. He began to develop a life of his own and to do things that he loved. She was changing, reinventing herself, finding her wings. He was discovering his own personal beauty and enjoying his freedom.

Meanwhile, of course, since Angel and her ex shared a child with each other, they were still shocked. And although he started down a new path, he never stopped loving his ex. Apparently her ex also liked the new her because, luckily, despite her friends’ pleas not to get back together with your ex, Angel and her man were back together.

But even though she had changed in many ways for the better, he never did. Because lo and behold, as they rekindled their relationship, their same old habits kicked in. The mental, emotional and verbal abuse had returned. Being told where to go and what to do had started again, and the constant annoyance of appearances had also returned.

Nothing had changed between the two. But Angel had done it … and because of that, shortly after getting back together, Angel had decided he had enough. Yes, she still loved the man, but if he couldn’t treat her with respect and love, then he wouldn’t stay.

Today Angel is a happy, strong and independent woman. The burdens of the past relationship are off her shoulders and she walks tall and proud. She has an air of confidence in her and she carries herself in a way that would make Princess Diana proud.

The best part is that because of the person he became and is still becoming, he is grabbing the attention of guys everywhere. They are drawn to it like bees to honey. And now you can choose which one you would like to meet as they line up in hopes of grabbing some of their attention.

She is happy and life is great. I’ve since asked him, “Would you still like to get back with your ex?”, To which I hear a four-letter word followed by a resounding no … “Hell no” is the answer.

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