How to cheat on your Nintendo DS

YOU just bought a new Nintendo DS. You can’t wait to start playing it. But, once you put it down, you realize that as pretty as it is, with a wider range of colors to choose from, it’s just plain simple. You couldn’t even tell it apart from your friends. So how can you turn it into your adorable and one-of-a-kind Nintendo DS?

Apparently the answer is simple: upgrade your Nintendo DS case. There are limitless options on how to do it, ranging from simple accessories to taking your Nintendo DS case apart, although it’s not that you can’t.

Here are some tips:

  • Personal style The easiest and cheapest way to dress up your Nintendo DS case is: add something! You can use anything from simple stickers, 3D stickers, window paints, temporary tattoos, straps, ribbons, laces, feathers, photos, flags, to 3D objects that you can put your hand on and represent yourself. Just make sure they don’t fall off / take off / drop easily and don’t get in your way when playing with your DS either.
  • Decorative look The same laptop cover sticker is now available for the Nintendo DS case, upside down. You can even do the design. Not sure where to order them? Just google.
  • Soft, furry-looking velvet or other plush cloth is great for giving your DS a new look. But since these materials can be on a limited budget, it is preferable to have leftovers. In fact, if you have two or more small leftovers, you can combine them and create a whole new design!
  • Matte Look Give your Nintendo DS case an even coverage of matte spray. This would make your DS appear more textured and keep your fingerprints off the case. Good, huh?
  • Dazzling Look You know those little beads that are sold for nail art or as cell phone stickers? Why not use them for your Nintendo DS case? It can be stressful to glue them one by one, but on the bright side, you can design the result and create an eye-catching Nintendo DS to die for. The perfect look for crafty girls.
  • Neon Sign Look If you are familiar with electronics, why not use the skill to dress up your Nintendo DS case? The LED is a good start.
  • Two / multi-color look

For this style, you need to trade pieces with your friends. Hey, they have their own unique DS too. Gently disassemble your DS and swap the parts. You can always see how to disguise a Nintendo DS case.
Warning !! For security reasons, it is best that you hire an expert to do this because you are voiding your court order by doing this.

There you go. Now you don’t have to worry that your DS has changed to someone else’s. Everyone else would be busy noticing their unique Nintendo DS instead. Come on, try it!

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