Hockey News – NHL to Scrimmage vs. KHL

The NHL is closing in on a deal with the KHL to play two exhibition games next season.

Every week I like to pick some random hockey story that I think is interesting enough to share with the rest of the hockey goofball community.

I came across this Darren Dreger story on TSN and after some digging I found some additional reports on forums and blogs (the most credible sources) that confirmed these details. So, going on a hunch, this sounds like something that could really be in the works.

Apparently the NHL and KHL have been talking about hosting some exhibition games between the two leagues since the Olympics. The two NHL teams playing, and they’re only tentatively scheduled at this point, are the Carolina Hurricanes and the Phoenix Coyotes because there really is no denying the fact that quiet, reserved people like Cam Ward and Petr Prucha have emerged from their shells. to become legitimate spokespersons for the league and represent the NHL extremely well in this prominent international event.

Sheesh. What happened: New York, Detroit, Washington, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Montreal, etc. etc. etc. Wasn’t everyone available?

Anyway, based on Dreger’s report, it looks like the ‘Canes will play St. Petersburg (SKA) and the ‘Yotes will face Riga. Who knows who will defect to the KHL and join these two teams before the actual games are played (or leave the teams), but some notable names on the teams right now include:

Dario Kasparaitis
Alexei Yashin
Sergei Zubov
Sergei Brylin

Tyler Arson
Marcel Hosa
Martin Kariya (yes, I’m stretching myself here)

Other teams will go to scrimmage in Europe, as has been the fashion in recent seasons; among them, the Boston Bruins, Minnesota Wild, San Jose Sharks and Columbus Blue Jackets. To be honest, in this hockey chump’s humble opinion, I think Boston and San Jose would have been better picks for these marquee games.

But regardless of my opinion, if this really fails, it’ll be great. There’s been enough tension between the leagues in recent seasons and honestly, there’s no better way to settle the score than a hockey game. I like the idea of ​​showcasing talent from different parts of the world and if the sport gains any kind of media attention then it’s definitely worth it in my books.

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