Girdles panties for men: do they exist?

It may seem like a fun idea to think of men in shapewear, but in fact they do. Men wear shapewear for exactly the same reasons women do: they may have gained too much weight around the midsection, or they want to have a slimmer, trimmer look for every day, or even for a special event. Over the past two years, the men’s underwear market has responded to increased demand for supportive underwear with the launch of new specialty lines. You will find several major brands, such as Go Softwear, Equmen, and Underworks. Sometimes these products are not marketed as precision support or underwear, but keep in mind that they serve the same function as your traditional girdle.

Girdles panties for men?

Despite the growth of the male supportive underwear market, some men prefer to wear women’s girdles. While some people easily make mental images of transvestites, keep in mind that this is not always the case. Many very masculine men wear girdles without even putting on another women’s garment. What are some of the reasons that men prefer female shapewear? Many men report that supportive underwear for women offers firm control, while shapewear for men may not offer the same. Second, some men have found that women’s girdles are better quality and more durable than men’s girdles, and dollar for dollar, women’s underwear ends up being the best buy.

Female girdles for men? Won’t that hurt?

Before you really try to wear women’s girdles, you should know that this underwear is made totally different for men and women. There are two main types of girdles for women: open bottom girdles (OBG) and panties girdles (PG). Their names sound exactly like they are. As you can imagine, girdles are designed to fit women’s private parts and can actually be uncomfortable for men. Instead, many men prefer open bottom girdles. Men who wear girdles are not a kinky thing or sexual fetish, it is a practical alternative in underwear for men looking to take a few inches off their stomach!

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