Arizona Adoption Lawyers

Adoption laws fall under the jurisdiction of individual state governments. The legal procedures and formalities of the processes vary from one state to another. Adoption attorneys establish a legal parent-child relationship between the parents and the adopted children. Arizona adoption attorneys help people with various verification and paperwork processes. There are several issues involved in […]

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endangered pets

As the author of several books on pet loss, I frequently receive letters and emails from people thanking me for my work. Along with your kind and generous words, people often give me praise that I don’t deserve. Somehow people feel the need to thank me for helping animals. The truth is, I don’t do […]

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ideas to drink

I have two cats; a sixteen-year-old turtle shell named Taddy, and a very large, very fat redhead, almost twenty pounds, named Shadow. Shadow recently disappeared for three days. Both my husband and I went out day and night looking for him, without success. Now, it must be said that Shadow is not the type of […]

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Marketing Baseball Tournaments The Right Way: A 5-Step Guide

Every year youth baseball tournaments are becoming more and more popular. For those of us who run tournaments for a living, this is bittersweet. For one, more tournaments means more teams participate in tournaments. And, if there are more teams participating in tournaments… well, you get the idea. On the other hand, though, the fact […]

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