Captiva Island: a beautiful place to own a beach property in Florida

Located west of Fort Myers, Captiva Island is a premier destination for private beach properties. A pristine piece of paradise, it is a private island community on the southwest coast of Florida. This collection of private beach properties secures the epitome of luxury and seclusion, accessible via regularly scheduled ferries, private and community boat docks, and a private airstrip. Mile after mile of beautiful beaches, blue skies and white sand beaches line this prestigious tropical paradise. The ideal array of private beach clubs, five-star restaurants, and world-class shops await guests in need of superior rest and relaxation.

Part of the Lee Beach and Sanibel Island shores, a Captiva Island beach property offers the perfect amenities for social and secluded Florida guests. An ideal place for quiet peace, this island provides the opportunity for guests to own their own individual portions of beach property to come and go as they please. However, the island’s community shipyards are also offered as an alternative to private piers for those beach owners who do not wish to distort the natural beauty of the water.

A variety of social activities also await the active couple at this unique Florida beach paradise. From daytime jet skis in crystal clear ocean waters, to four-wheel rides along its own private shoreline, to exclusive nightclubs at nightlife, the opportunities are endless on this island worthy of the gods.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that the island is simply a couple scene. This generally serene island is also the ideal luxury family getaway. The island’s highly rated summer camp and kids’ club daily activities give kids and parents the chance to get the most out of this Florida shore paradise. Free from the hustle, bustle, and worries of the outside world, Captiva Island will have your kids take off their headphones, forget about their cell phones, and beg for more family time in the sun.

A delightful array of tropical Florida wildlife also resides on the island. No family trips to the zoo needed! Sea turtles, dolphins, and aquatic marine life can be found in their natural habitats throughout the island. The miracles of marine ecosystems and underwater worlds can be observed at any time when you own your own home in this paradise. Snorkeling is a must while on vacation at your beach island home, as instructional classes are offered through community clubs.

The next time you find yourself or your family giving in to the pressures of the outside world, remember that the perfect paradise vacation is simply a boat ride when you own a home or beach property on Florida’s Captiva Island.

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