Asif Mujtaba’s Last Ball Six to draw one day against Australia

There have been some sensational sixes on the last and penultimate balls of the game to ensure victory. The most famous of these was Javed Miandad’s SIX when four runs were required to win the Australasian Cup Final, a tournament equivalent to the Champions Trophy. Next in importance was probably Wasim Akram’s six when it took six runs from the last two balls to win the final of the Nehru Cup, a world series tournament involving six major teams.

That kind of situation arose in a one-day World Series game. Australia batted first and scored 228 with a graceful 53 from Dean Jones as the highest contribution. Pakistan started poorly and lost their starters for little money. After a see-saw performance from the middle order, Pakistan were in dire straits midway through their innings before Aisf Mujtaba and Rashid Latif teamed up to resurrect the innings. In the twilight of the game, Pakistan required 17 runs in the final to win the game with two wickets remaining. Pakistan managed 10 runs from the first five balls of the remaining over to get 7 runs from the last ball for the win.

Asif Mujtaba was on strike. Steve Waugh was assigned to bowl last as he had a reputation for being good at bowling. Steve Waugh fired a complete shot on the last ball, which Mujtaba deposited into the crowd leveling the score and earning an unlikely equalizer for Pakistan and sharing the points with Australia.

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