Are you still making these graphic design mistakes?

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Another graphic design mistake website owners make is failing to proofread their text. They must ensure that the content they add to their site is free from grammar or spelling errors. Some viewers are particular about these things, for example, when they see a sentence with incorrect grammar or no punctuation marks, they do not continue to read the entire piece. They may consider these companies to be unprofessional. Therefore, the text should always be revised several times before publication.

Choose the wrong colors

Choosing the wrong colors, such as fonts, is also a mistake some website owners make. Too many colors can distract viewers. For example, a brand logo with many bright colors is not too light and is difficult to read. They should consult the color wheel when deciding on the colors for their website. They can make a color scheme that combines primary and secondary colors to make sure your text is clear and legible.

Use wrong hierarchy

Hierarchy is important for websites, as it allows the audience to see the elements, according to their importance, by directing their eyes towards the piece. Generally, when viewers look at you, their eyes move from the left, so this is where critical information should be placed.

This makes hierarchy one of the best web design techniques that classifies the information provided, according to its importance. Whatever the purpose of designing the piece: a new blog, an event or to broadcast a sale, you must include the correct hierarchy in it.

Creating design for the wrong medium

Those who are designing a piece must have a medium in mind. They might want it to be printed in a magazine, featured on a social media platform, or used for product marketing. As an example, they create a layout with a red, green, blue color mode. These are best for digital displays and can be added to display the color gamut on a television, tablet, phone, and computer screen. When they make a format suitable for digital but use it for printing, it will not look as good as the colors will not be interpreted well.

Not creating a versatile design

It would be more practical to create layouts for different purposes. For example, when designing a logo, they should consider how it will look across different marketing channels, promotional items, and anywhere they will use it. A brand logo should be used for different purposes. This can help establish brand consistency, as well as save time, effort, and money that would otherwise be spent redesigning artwork for other pieces.

Over thinking

Simplicity is the best when it comes to web design. Although anything can be added to a design, this does not necessarily mean that it must be done. Therefore, website owners shouldn’t go overboard with their Photoshop and layout filters. Including too many things in a web design will only confuse and distract viewers. They will have difficulty extracting information from the part. Web designs must be able to breathe and flourish. This means that it is not necessary to fill in all the blanks. Leaving some white space in the image will make it neat, easy to understand, and visually appealing.

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