Are you allergic to your luxury bedding?

Allergy alert: when you come into contact with a substance that causes your body to produce an adverse reaction; you may be experiencing an allergic reaction. Allergies usually cause the body to produce a substance called histamine as a way of telling the body that something is wrong.

Some allergies occur in rooms with bedding, bedding, certain types of fabrics, carpets, and curtains that can cause an allergic reaction to dust, dust mites, and other common allergens in this room.


• You may experience nasal congestion and congestion
• You may have itchy, watery eyes
• May develop persistent body itchiness

Dust can accumulate under the bed, on heavy curtains or blinds, on infrequently used upholstery, and this dust, when stirred, can trigger an allergy attack. Did you know…?

1. That making the right bedding choices can be the difference between a sultry, sleepless night and a miserable morning or restful sleep?
2. That dust mites are a common allergy and live in all mattresses, no matter how expensive they are?
3. That the pillows should be covered with mite-proof pillowcases that can be opened and washed frequently?
4. That airing pillows regularly can also benefit allergy sufferers?
5. That mattresses can be cleaned with a HEPA-filter vacuum when deep cleaning is needed?
6. That investing in a good quality, dust mite proof mattress cover is money well spent?
7. That cheap foam pillows give off gases, called outgassing, that can irritate the airways and cause allergies and asthma attacks?

So could you be allergic to Egyptian cotton or bamboo types of fabric? You can be. But if you experience any of the above symptoms, your luxury bedding may not be for you. Therefore, consider the type of fabric and luxury bedding you buy for your bedroom design.

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