5 common sports injuries: their prevention and treatment

Sports injuries are the most common type of injury that occurs when one indulges in vigorous exercise or athletic activities. They are mainly due to poor training methods, weaknesses and anomalies in the structural framework, as well as risky training environments. Although many of these injuries are harmless and could be treated with rest and home remedies; some of them are serious and need professional help. In the following discussion, we will explore more about the types of sports injuries and how they can be prevented and cured.

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1. Knee injuries are the most common among athletes. A variety of patella aches and pains could together be called a runner’s knee. People who participate in activities such as cycling, swimming and aerobics or in sports such as basketball, soccer and volleyball mainly, suffer from these complicated problems. Athletes should change shoes and insoles frequently. They should not train on hard surfaces and rest between exercise sessions. Apply ice and use anti-inflammatory ointments to treat these types of wounds.

2. Dislocations along with shoulder strains and sprains are common among athletes involved in basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, and weightlifting. These problems occur when the rotator cuff or groups of tendons and muscles around the shoulders loosen resulting in stiffness, pain, slipping and weakness of the shoulders. You need to strengthen your muscles between training sessions. RICE treatment (rest, ice, compression, elevation) can be administered at home. If this does not work, patients should consult any of the efficient sports orthopedic specialists.

3. Soccer, basketball, hockey, and volleyball players are familiar with ankle sprains. Quick movements of jumping, turning, running can twist the ankle or even tear ligaments and tendons. In case of these injuries, RICE treatment helps. Massaging the ankles would prevent swelling.

4. Concussion is an injury that occurs due to a severe blow to the head. Dizziness, disorientation, amnesia, vision disturbances, and loss of balance are some of the common symptoms of this medical condition. Athletes who play sports such as boxing, hockey, and soccer are primarily likely to suffer a concussion. While some people return to their normal work, multiple concussions can cause lasting damage. Rest is perhaps the only treatment for concussions; however, patients should seek the help of medical professionals in severe cases.

5. Lack of flexibility and fatigue can cause muscle strain in athletes. The hamstrings and calves are the most common type of muscle pull. They can be extremely painful and cause bruising. The ideal way to prevent this condition is by stretching before exercise. RICE treatment and anti-inflammatory drugs are helpful in cases of muscle strain. In severe cases, patients can be transferred to sports orthopedic specialists.

The aforementioned discussion of the most common types of sports injuries and their prevention and treatment would certainly be of help to many athletes.

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