15 point EFT tapping release in a phobia session

Many thanks to Janet (not her real name), who had a session with me to help her with a dog phobia, during a weekend of online and in-person EFT training. This was a while ago, as far as I can remember, the session went as follows.

We start by taking some details around this phobia. Janet had grown up with a dog, she was never very comfortable around other dogs and she said something about pit bulls. Clearly, the pit bulls were causing an energy disruption on the surface, and we generally tapped for a short time to de-stress.

Then I asked Janet if she would show her an episode of the show “Pitbulls and Parolees”, which I love to watch (and I told her why it was such a favorite show), what number would it be on, where 10 was the worst and 0 kind of calm . Janet immediately said that she couldn’t see it at all, and the number was 15.

In the workshop environment, I made the decision to let her subconscious mind create the energy block that it needed to release. So, I reached out my hand and asked him to imagine that my hand is a television screen. Janet had the virtual remote control in hand and on the TV screen she was playing a video of her life. Janet was watching many episodes, good, bad, and indifferent, going back and forth, until the correct episode appeared, and Janet was able to pause the episode at the beginning or end. I asked if the episode had a title, what would the title be? The answer was “Dog Catcher”.

We started tapping on “Dog Catcher” in general, when the SUDS was around 10. Then when it dropped a few points, I asked Janet to tell me the story. It was a television episode that Janet had seen, about a dog hunter, where the pit bull being caught grabbed onto the dog hunter’s chest and clenched his jaws. We did it step by step, from one part of the episode to the next, until we got to the part where Janet had switched channels. We keep tapping until we get to 0.

Along the way, the guilt of a memory of not always taking care of her dog as a child arose and she was released. This may seem strange, but all negative emotion is negative emotion, and any event encapsulates an energy disruption connected to various negative emotions, so we simply release the energy disruptions without the need to logically question them. Logic is logic, emotions don’t have to make sense.

Then another event occurred to Janet. This was a regularly repeating event. A neighbor was walking his Staffordshire bull terrier in a thick collar. Janet found them on the street regularly. She kept referring to the thick neck. At this point, I took the time to tell Janet about a pit bull whose owner had dressed her in a tutu and a diamond necklace, after they had both been spat on numerous times, and how everyone reacted favorably to the peaceful couple since then. I love that story and allowed my positive emotions to play out as I talked about it.

The SUDS (distress level) was a 9 or 10 to start with. We tapped for “thick neck”, “Staffordshire bull terrier” and another aspect that came up, that the owner looked badass. The SUDS dropped to zero, and on the way from the sub-zero SUDS, the story of the pitbull in the tutu and the diamond necklace came for Janet.

Then Janet loved watching “Pitbulls and Parolees.” We saw it together and we share that beautiful feeling, as they see two of the most hated sectors of society for what they really are: loving, caring and great members of society, in the right environment. I am very grateful to Janet for allowing me to walk this path of her life journey with her. And we are all lucky that Janet allowed me to publish this story.

Lastly, just a small provision.

This was a quick win, as Janet reacts very quickly to EFT Tapping. If your phobia is more complex, I recommend that you attend the sessions with an experienced practitioner or that you learn EFT from a trainer who, in addition to the training experience, is also an experienced practitioner. If EFT is totally new to you, download a free guide, available from many EFT / Tapping resources, or explore an introductory session with a qualified practitioner.

Hope this helps you or someone you love.

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